Tawau Hills Park

Tawau Hills Park

Tawau Hills Park is one of the national parks located in Tawau. It was gazetted as a national park in 1979. It is located 24 km north west of the Tawau city area. It covers a total area of 27927 hectares and is the origin of at least 7 major rivers.


hill park accomodation
Night View of Tawau Hill Park (photo credits: KC Chin)

The Tawau River, which is the main water source for Tawau, flows through this park and forms many deepwater pools and waterfalls along the way. It is also the location of 3 mountains, namely Mount Lucia(elevation: 1201 metres), Mount Magdalena (elevation: 1310 metres) and Bombalai hill (elevation: 530 metres). Currently, only Mount Lucia is available for trekking by the public. The other two hills amy only be accessed for research purposes.
hill park tree
One of the tallest tropical tree in the world (photo credits: KC Chin)

Visitors to the park can not only enjoy the beauty and serenity of nature, but also marvel at the amazing creations of nature. One highlight of this park is the tallest tropical rainforest tree in the world, which stands tall at 88.5 meters and can be accessed by a hiking trail not far from the main entrance of the park.
lucia 5
A plant from the park (photo credits: Claveria Wong Chun Xing)
hill park hot spring
Hotspring in the park (photo credits: KC Chin)

Visitors can also explore various floras at the botanical garden located in the park. Lucky visitors may even get to spot the orchids blooming, which is a rare site. Various hiking trails are also available and they lead to various spots in the park, including the waterfalls and sulphur hot springs. Visitors may also hire guides on a per hour or day basis that will guide them and explain the various aspects of the park to them.
lucia 11
Sunset as viewed from Mount Lucia (photo credits: Claveria Wong Chun Xing)

Various accommodations are also available for visitors of the park who wish to stay overnight. These include chalets and individual rooms that are available for rent. Visitors who stay overnight can enjoy activities such as BBQ and watching the night sky. For visitors who wish to climb Mount Lucia, lodges are also available on Mount Lucia. For visitors who do not wish to bring their own food, food is provided at the park canteen. For large group of visitors, catering is provided with prior arrangements with the canteen.


The fees for the various facilities in the park are as follows:

  1. Conservatory fees:
    a) Malaysians Above 18 years: RM 3.00
    b) Malaysians Below 18 years: RM 1.00
    c) Non-Malaysians Above 18 years: RM 10.00
    d) Non-Malaysians Below 18 years: RM 6.00
  2. Botanical Garden fees:
    a) Malaysians Above 18 years: RM 4.00
    b) Malaysians Below 18 years: RM 2.00
    c) Non-Malaysians Above 18 years: RM 5.00
    d) Non-Malaysians Above: RM 2.50
  1. Accommodation:
    a) Magdalena Chalet (2 rooms): RM250.00/unit
    b) Bombalai Jungle Lodge (1 room with air-cond): RM80.00/night
    c) Bombalai Jungle Lodge (1 room with fan): RM25.00
    d) Mount Lucia Lodge (double-decker bed): RM20.00
  1. Recreation Area:
    a) Camping Site: RM6.00(18 and above)/RM3.00(18 and below)
    b) Pardalis Shelter: RM30.00/day
  1. Climbing Permit for Mount Lucia:
    a) Malaysians Above 18 years: RM 10.00
    b) Malaysians Below 18 years: RM 5.00
    c) Non-Malaysians Above 18 years: RM 30.00
    d) Non-Malaysians Above: RM 10.00
    e) Guide: RM40.00 oneway
    f) Porter: between RM4.00 to RM50.00 depending on weight and distance
  2. Meeting room: RM150/day
  1. Multipurpose Hall:
    a) morning: RM24.00/day
    b) night: RM40.00/day
  2. 8.Audio-visual room: RM200.00/day