Road Side Stalls


The majority of food sold from road side stalls are roasted food, including roasted chicken wings and satay ( A type of meat skewer, mainly in the form of chicken skewer, beef skewer and pork skewer, served with a special peanut sauce, rice cubes and occasionally cucumber. Pork satay are only sold by Chinese while chicken and beef skewers are mostly sold by muslims)

1. Mee Tze chicken Wing
Located outside Mee Tze Noodle House, it is a sell that exclusively sells roasted chicken wings at night. The well-marinated chicken wings, along with the skillful roasting of the chef, makes the chicken wing irresistable. Watching the skilled chef roasting the chicken wings is another enjoyment in itself.

2. Kedai Kopi Loong Sang
Apart from stir-fried dishes, there are also various stalls selling different kinds of food, including satay, pan-fried dumplings, baked fish and roasted lamb.

From left to right:roasted lamb; satay

3. Black Pa99er
Black Pa99er is a road side stall specialising in two types of chops, chicken chop and lamb chop. Their chicken and lamp chop can be served individually or served as a burger.

4.Fuji Park
This is an inconspicuous road side stall located at the Fuji Recreational Park, selling mainly fried noodles and iced dessert. Their most famous dish ought to be their fried “Sang Mee” and Coconut Cream Shake, which is an iced drink made from fresh coconut cream.

5. Uncle Fat Fried Kway Teow
Located in Taman Megah Jaya, juts opposite a fresh market. The stall sells Penang style Fried Kway teow with cockles. The business hours are 4pm to 12am unless sold out earlier.