Open Air Stalls


The open air stalls are located at the Sabindo seaside, and these are considered the best place to savour the best of seafood tawau can offer. Their biggest selling point is their “live” seafood, seafood that are still alive and swimming up till their last moment. The choices of seafood here is very large, from grouper to mantis shrimp, the choice is yours. Apart from seafood, there is also a stall that sells claypot chicken rice – Sen Ji Claypot Chicken Rice.

  1. Good View Seafood
    Address:Bandar Sabindo, 91000 Tawau, Sabah


  2. 森记瓦煲鸡饭 Sen Ji Claypot Chicken Rice
    Sen Ji Claypot Rice started its business in 1979, in which it moved to its present location during its latter period. Originally, it only sold claypot chicken rice at night. Although it is now opened for business for the whole day, claypot chicken rice is still only sold at night. For mornings, stir-fried noodles and rice noodles are provided, while economic rice are provided for afternoon. Claypot rice is rice, cooked with chicken and a special sauce in a claypot, originally over charcoal, now over gas. The claypot chicken tice has a very unique flavour, along with the slightly charred sides, which makes for a satisfying dinner. When ordering, customers can ask for chinese sausage or slated fish be added for extra flavour. Apart from that, pan-fried dumplings, raw fish slice, squid with kale, porridge, dumplings, Sayur manis soup and salted fish soup are all on the menu. raw fish in Tawau is not served ala Japanese with wasabi, but served with copious amounts of ginger shreds, drizzled with white vinegar and sesame oil. The location of the stall is quite hard to locate if one is not a frequent visitor of the stall. It is located behind Kam Leng Seafood, accessed from a small road to the left side.
    Address:23, Sabindo Open Air Food Stall, Jalan Chen Fook, 91000 Tawau, Sabah