Local Products


Local Products of Tawau:
1.coffee powder (traditional coffee powder that requires filtration when brewing or sedimentation before drinking, served with sugar, milk or condensed milk)
2.3-in-1 cocao powder (Hoko,a type of cacao drink), cacao spread
3.Misai Kucing tea,lemongrass tea (types of herbal tea and although they are a local product, they are more frequently exported than being sold here locally)
4.fish crackers (Keropok Amplang)
5.Dried Seafood (dried anchovies, dried shrimps, sea cucumber, salted fish, fish maw, dried scallop, dried octopus, red/white seaweed)
6.Pandan Kaya (a spread similar to jam)

#Prices shown in the pictures are for reference purposes only



Where to find them:

  • Coffee powder:Central market,supermarkets
  • 3-in-1 cocao powder, cocao spread:supermarkets,Hotel Emas,Cocoa Museum,Aiport shops
  • Misai Kucing tea, lemongrass tea:Giant hypermarket,Balung Resort
  • Fish crackers:Central market,supermarkets,tid-bits shop,Airport shops
  • Dried seafood:Central market(it is recommended that shoppers compare the prices of different stalls before maing their purchases)
  • Pandan kaya(tinned):supermarkets
  • Pandan kaya(fresh/perishable with a short shell life):Central market,bakery


Malaysian products(non-Tawau):3-in-1 white coffee, 3-in-1 coffee, Milo (a type f cocoa-flavoured malt drink), Batik, Pearls

Where to find them:

  • Apart from the batik and pearls, all others can be found in supermarkets or grocery shops
  • Batik:cloth shops,handicraft market
  • Pearl:handicraft market


Products from neighbouring countries:Indonesian Prawn Crackers, Fillipino Handicraft, Indonesian Handicraft

Where to find them:

  • Indonesian Prawn Crackers:supermarkets,Central market
  • Fillipino/Indonesian handicraft:handicraft market

Note: The handicraft market was closed temporarily due to fire, but has now reopened at the opposite of the original site of the market