Hash was born in 1938, in Malaysia. It was “founded” by A.S. Gipert, an English living abroad in Australia, based on the 19th century English countryside game of “Hound and Hare”, which is a game based on chasing. “Hash House Harriers” was formed in Kuala Lumpur. The formation of the club was not about competition, and not totally about sports. Instead, it was to increase cooperation between the hash runners, and to experience the essence of nature together, and be close with nature. These organisations, filled with both adventure, fun and sports, became a trend in Asia and started spreading around.

Hash running can be considered another enjoyment in one’s health. Climbing around the snaky roads of the mountain is a training for both the mind and the body and one can also meet up with friends and families when hash running. Each hash house will publish notices regarding hash runs on newspapers and give out information about the gathering location. Selected personnel from the hash house will plan a detailed route of the hash. During each run, organisers will have a detailed record and a back-up search and rescue team is available should one be lost.

There are currently 10 hash house in Tawau and they do not involve themselves in politics, religion or racism, is not-for-profit and has been registered under related laws with the Registry of Societies. Anyone is welcomed to be a member of the hash house as long as one complies with its rules.

The running or gathering time for each hash house is different. Those who like hash running can have a run around the outskirts of the town at their own pace. Along the route, one can enjoy the beauties of nature, the soft and mellow sunset. Occasionally, one can also enjoy a soft drizzle.  

Registration fee for each hash run is RM4 and two cans of isotonic drinks are provided. The usual gathering time is 3.00pm to 4.30 but this may always change. Below are the 10 Hash House, along with its date of hash run and contact person.

  1. Tawau Happy Hash House Harriers-activities on Tuesday, contact Mr. Power Lim (0128109816)
  2. Tawau Wednesday Hash House Harries-activities on Wednesday, contact Mdm Sung (0162091488), runsite at end of Hotspring
  3. Tawau Hash House Harriers-activities on Thursday, contact Mr. Lai (0138860099)
  4. Tawau F3 Hash House Harriers-activities on Friday, contact Mr. Ng (0168263722)
  5. Tawau Saturday Hash House Harriers-activities on Saturday, contact Mdm Pang (0198047166), runsite at Lim Man Kui Quarry
  6. Tawau Tingkayu Hash House Harriers-activities on Saturday, contact Mr. Chong (0128068810), runsite at Tingkayu Estate
  7. Tawau Recreation Hash House Harriers-activities on Sunday, contact Mr. Wong (0198962000)
  8. Tawau Sunday Hash House Harriers-activities on Sunday, contact Mr. Lo (0128178668)
  9. Tawau WWY Hash House Harriers-activities on Sunday, contact Mr. Yuen (0138900567), runsite at Hotspring Junction
  10. Tawau Y2K Hash House Harriers-activities on Saturday, contact Mr. Ng (0168458349), runsite at end of Hotspring