Eco Tour

Eco Tour

Maliau Basin Conservation Area
Maliau Basin is situated in the Mid-Southern part of Sabah with a land area of 588.4 square kilometers.  There is no access road to the basin. One has to walk through heavy rain forest, thick undergrowth, winding rivers in order to reach this “Lost World of Sabah”. After the challenging trekking, you will reach the famous 7-tiers waterfall. There are at least 12 rare species of timbers to be found here which include the tall Agathis tree, bizarre rock formation etc., which makes it the best place to study the tropical rain forest and its ecology.

Since there is no public transport, one needs to join a local tour in order to get there. The tour can starts from Tawau or Keningau with a ride on the off-road cruiser which may take 5 hours. Once arrive at the Guard house, you have to walk through a narrow muddy road to get to the Agathis Camp for rest. Tel: 6089-486168

Tips for travelers

  1. Before the journey, you need to obtain a permit from the office of Sabah Foundation (Yayasan Sabah) at Menara Tun Mustapha at Kota Kinabalu or Bangunan UMNO at Tawau.
  2. Maliau Basin is an isolated, remote area with no telecommunication, transportation network and security, one has to be very caution on his personal safety.

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Tawau Hot Spring
Tawau Hot Spring Garden – This is a newly developed tourist spot in Tawau. It is about 20 minutes drive away from Tawau town. The garden is planted with beautiful flowers and plants. Beside hot spring, there are caged animals like bear, wild cat (lynx), goats, horse, hornbill, and crocodile.

Contact:+6016-4918663(Madam Liew)


Tawau Hills Parkt2 Tawau Hills Park – This is the National Park of Tawau situated about 24 km north of Tawau Town. An ideal place for a short day trip which may include a stroll in the park, a dip in the nearby stream, picnic for the family. One may even set up an overnight tent to get closer to the stars and nature with birds and insects orchestrate around you.

Location:  Air Terjun, Gudang 4, BAL Estate, Tawau

How to get there:  Take a taxi from town which may cost RM 30.00 per trip. Please negotiate with the driver for the return trip and time to pick up.
Opening hours:  Daily from 7:00 – 18:00
Entrance fee:  RM 10.00 for adult, RM 6.00 for child.

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Teck Guan Cocoa Museum & Cocoa Village

Teck Guan Cocoa Museum & Cocoa Village – Both of these are owned and operated by Teck Guan group. The Cocoa Museum displays the history of cocoa planting in Tawau which include those memorable events, utensils, ways and means of planting cocoa, especially records of the golden time of cocoa from the 60’s to 80’s. It also shows the process of chocolate making.

Cocoa Village is situated about 20 km off Apas Road. It is where the planting of cocoa actually taken place since the 60’s. Here one can see the actual cocoa tree, the cocoa pod, the beans and the fermentation process. There is also a waterfall and picnic area with fresh jungle breeze and hornbills flying over your head.

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